Elevate Your Landscaping Business


AllGround landscape management software designed to streamline operations and simplify tasks for landscaping professionals. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it empowers users to efficiently plan, schedule, and track landscape maintenance tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity and effectiveness in landscape management.

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Crew Management

  • Hours, schedules and assignments
  • Availability and workload
  • Performance and productivity

Work Orders

  • Work orders to specific employees or teams
  • Track status and progress in real-time
  • Generate¬†¬†based on history and performance

Manage Locations

  • Assign services to specific locations
  • Track contract details, including start and end dates, terms and conditions
  • Track service history and performance


  • Customer information and contact details
  • Send quotes and proposals
  • Track sales and revenue performance

Data Export

  • Download data in many formats (e.g. CSV, Excel)
  • Customize your export settings
  • Automatic exports for regular reporting

Quickbooks Integration

  • Automation for client and subcontractor invoices
  • Customize your mapping to Quickbooks
  • Automatically calculate and generate employee paychecks

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